Building Acoustics - Building Noise Control

The target of building acoustics and noise control is to ensure proper noise insulation inside the building’s rooms. Noise transfer between rooms shall be avoided. Boundaries as walls, slabs and facades are assessed regarding their sound reduction performance for structure borne, air borne noise and exterior noises such as street noise (levels to be provided by the client). Technical devices like chillers, AHUs, pumps, generators, FCUs etc. are considered regarding their mounting and the noise insulation of the respective plant rooms.


Room Acoustics- Room Noise Control

The main objective of room acoustical assessment is to grant sufficient acoustical performance inside all rooms of a building and to avoid disturbing effects as p.e. long reverberation, echoes etc.Especially for reception halls/ auditoriums, the speech intelligibility can suffer significantly through reverberant rooms and can have a strong negative impact on the comfort and concentration.With simulation calculations carried out in three dimensional computer models of the considered rooms, the room acoustical properties are investigated and means to enhance them are developed and proposed.