Being already a leader in providing IT/AV consultancy services, and with the integration impact that usually IT carries on the Security field in projects, Cyber-Consult provides initial Security Services that cover the below highlighted scopes; it is important to note that for Authority Approvals (Police and Civil), a Certified Security Consultant would need to provide the next level of security specs.Cyber-Consult provides Technical Specifications for the CCTV and Access Control Systems, including hardware, software & implementation services. The document covers the design guidelines which include Lift Control and Parking management systems.


CCTV System

A totally integrated solution would be provided with TCP/IP network compatibility and a Security Control Room (SCR) would be specified to be the centre of operations with selected data being routed to other locations as stated in these requirements. Locations and specifications of the cameras would be specified.

Access Control

Access Control System

The level of sophisticated Access control can be agreed upon with the Client as it could be via smartcard or smartcard + PIN, Biometrics or Proximity Chip Cards as required by access area security requirements. All Access Controllers would be TCP/IP ready with special care for VIP access. Below aspects would be considered during Design Phase:

Traffic Management & Security aspects | Reading Technologies | Card Readers
Access Cards | RFID Systems | Parking Entrance /Exit Gates | Parking Management
Lift Control